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Pakal Veedu

This is a platform for the elderly people to get together and discuss matters of common concern, sharing their experience and wisdom for the service of the community.

Making A Big Difference

You Are Not Alone

Kottayam is the land of lakes, latex, and letters. The initiative called Pakalveedu (Malayalam for day-care centers) is run by Sargakshetra.

The chief aim of the association is to better the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well -being of seniors, (Those above 60 years of age) suitably employ the various skills, practical knowledge and wisdom the members had attained in various fields of life.


The main activities of this organisation are contacts, mutual understanding and friendship among the members . Improve public awareness about the problems of seniors; conduct seminars, conferences, visits, exhibitions, medical camps are other aims.

Team Work

We co-operate with local bodies, welfare associations working for the good of seniors in joint activities for the benefit of all. Also, we help senior citizens in getting grants and concessions from the government and other charitable sources.

More Info

This concept is around the idea that the senior citizens should have a platform where they can come together and discuss about various matters, which concern the society at large. The option gives the senior citizens a belief that they can be productive members of the society.

  • Recreation
  • Entertainment
  • Games (Indoor And Outdoor) / Sports
  • Health / Wellness
  • Regular Medical Check Up
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Physical Education
  • Hum Therapy
  • Cooking Classes
  • Laughing Club
  • Spiritual Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Reflection
  • Debate / Discourse
  • Social Cultural
  • Current Affairs
  • Library
  • Refreshment
  • Picnic / Outing
  • Workshop / Seminars
  • Counseling
  • Memory Therapy

Guidance and Advice

A great opportunity for you to get rejuvenated, re-energized and revived physically, mentally and spiritually. opportunities to learn Music, Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, and Drawing.

Transport Facilities being Provided on request. healthy lunch will also be provided on request at a nominal charge.

Pakal Veedu Activity

Members of Pakal Veedu during the activity secession

Contact For Admission

We are open on Monday – Saturday at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm

Sargakshetra Cultural and Charitable Centre

Changanacherry – 686104

Phone : +91 94468 35013
Email : sargakshetra@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pakal Veedu?

Pakal Veedu is a Senior CItizen day care Centre that is a professionally managed environment for older adults. In addition to providing a safe and secure setting for the adults during the daytime hours, an adult day care also offers specialized activities. These often include physical therapy, social engagement, and health care services that are tailored toward this age demographic.

What Services are Offered Pakal Veedu?

In addition to meals and supervision, adult day care centers provide services aimed at the needs of this age group. This can include counseling and physical therapy to help seniors overcome emotional or physical needs. To help seniors boost their health and wellness, day care centers often offer exercises and recreational outlets, as well as health screenings, medication management, and onsite medical care

What Kind of Specialized Activities and Programs are Typically Available?

We provide cognitive stimulation. These types of programs may include card games, board games, and creative projects, such as quilting or putting together puzzles. Among adult day care centers approximately 80 percent offer memory training, such as through mental stimulation games or social engagement that encourages a recall of previous events.