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Sargakshetra Cultural Centre

My Saviour

It is a Bible show that narrates the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is considered the biggest Bible show in India. It was directed by Surya Krishnamoorthy. The show has attained much popularity due to several specialties. An unprecedented participation of 1500 artists, genuine settings, sparkling projection, enormous light fittings, life-like presentation and reverberating sound mechanisms added to its glory. The show has already been staged in the major cities of Kerala.

The show focuses on events from the Old Testament and culminates in the crucifixion of Christ. The show does have the participation of around 1500 artists, 50 animals, and birds, with many hailing from other religious communities. Due to such interreligious participation, it turned a rare and unique undertaking which would promote the messages of religious harmony and tolerance. It is the proud project of SargaKshetra, the socio-cultural, creative, literary and community-driven organization managed and operated by CMI fathers under the directorship of Fr. Alex Praikalam CMI.

Soorya Krishnamoorthy

Founder of Soorya Movement, Writer, Director, Art Promoter, Speaker

Ente Rakshakan, meaning, My Saviour, is a huge production that features 150 artistes and around 50 animals and birds. Pratheesh plays the lead character of Jesus Christ in the play. Poet V Madhusoodanan Nair has penned the lyrics for Ente Rakshakan while it has its music composed by Pundit Ramesh Narayan. Pattanam Rasheed has done the make-up for the show. The entire cast and crew are from Soorya Theatre. The 2-hour show will be staged on a huge platform at the school campus.

Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Film Maker

It was spectacular. It was done with such care that even minute details have been studied and reproduced. It is a really monumental work and I recommend everyone in our society see it.

Ex-DGP Jacob Punnose

“Enthralling audiovisual, creative and spiritual experience. In dramatic techniques, it explores new grounds. All of us in the audience felt we were not mere viewers, but active witness and participants in the tumultuous events amid us”

Dr. D Babu Paul IAS

“The artistes and Moorthy were on a spiritual pilgrimage with prayers and fasting as they rehearsed. In two scenes, crucial for Judas and peter, I wept with out relising tears rolling down”

George Onakkoor - Malayalm Novelist

“This is about the embodiment of love that changed the course of history from punishment to the path of redemption. Amazing! Divine events have been lyrically woven into the dance drame form”