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The beautiful land of Kerala has never witnessed a calamity as disastrous as the flood it is experiencing today. 380+people are reported dead as of now. Lakhs are forced to leave behind their ‘allabouts’and flee to the Refugee Camps. Thousands of people, including newborns, women and sick elderly are still stranded, waiting for the rescue team to reach them. This crisis is unparalleled in the history of Kerala.

Don't Let Kerala Fight Alone

The crisis Kerala went through August 2018 was unprecedented in the history of Kerala. Over 483 people died, and 15 are missing.

 Beginning on 15 August 2018, severe floods affected the state, due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. It was the worst flooding in Kerala in nearly a century. Thousands of refugee camps were opened in various regions and people in hundreds and thousands were present in most of them. Food, dress, medicines and other important items were in great shortage.


Kerala resisted the floods together. Now is the time to rebuild. Sarkshetra is on the frontline with its efforts to rebuild Kerala.


Sargakshetra started different programmes for the victims of the flood. We were in the frontline helping the needy.

Rescue on Alappuzha - Chanaganacherry Road

Sargakshetra On Relief and Rescue Ops

In those desperate times, we at Sargakshethra believed that it is our duty as humans to look after each other. What does it mean to be human if not to care for each other?

It was our humble attempt to do what our instincts tell us to do as humans; Care, Share and Initiate. Sargakshethra was on the frontline for the people of Kerala. We supported around 150000 families by providing food materials, clothes, drinking water and other relief materials under an initiative called ‘Ente oru pidiyari’ (It means ‘A Handful of Rice). 


 Sargakshetra acted quickly with Fr. Alex Praikalam, CMI to lead and entered into the rescue operation at the very next moment and was able to rescue 1000s of people with the support of volunteers and supporters. Right now, our efforts have reached around 35000 people in total.

Relief Kits

During the Kerala Flood in the month of July – August 2018 we distributed relief materials such as Food, Clothes, Medicines etc to the various camps in Changanacherry were more than 50,000 people stayed for more than 2 weeks.  We were able to provide Back to Home Kits for those people who were left back home with nothing in hand. We are thankful for all the supports and done their part to help the Kerala Flood Victims

Medical Camp

Mobile Medical Camp conducted in association with Indian Red Cross Society and Sargakshetra Cultural and Charitable Centre in the remote areas of Kuttanad on 18-09-2018

Electric Works

As part of Kerala Flood Relief Activities, we have restored the electric works of the flood-affected house at Alappuzha – Changanacherry Road 

Relief Kits

Kerala Flood Relief Kits distributed in various parts of inner Kuttanad which helped 1000s of people.

Back to Home Kits

Back to Home Kits for the people leaving to their homes from various camps in Changanacherry


Cleaning by CYDA and Sargakshetra Volunteers after Kerala Flood

Aid Hub

Sargakshetra Cultural and Charitable Centre opened a new Aid Hub at Kalarkode which will be completely committed for Relief operations in Kuttanad area.

Collection Point

Sargakshetra has been working as one of the collection points in Changanacherry for the Kerala Flood Relief activities which lasted over months.

Rescue and Supplying food

Joined hands with Fire and Disaster team from Odisha to help people of Kuttanad region for rescue and supplying food for the isolated regions.

Painting Camp for Flood Relief

State Level Painting camp has been conducted to support the Kerala Flood Relief Activities by Sargakshetra

Initiatives like CAP@Campus which gives an in-depth awareness on Cancer, will be beneficial for younger generation, including children.

Pinarayi VijayanHon. Chief Minister of Kerala