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With the growing awareness and need to address complex challenges that the world faces we believe we need to rapidly grow the number of people who can think and act systemically, and implement radical change.

To address this challenge we at Forum for the Future want to work with others to help build the field of system change.

Senior Citizen Forum

Today, many of the senior citizens is our society feel loneliness and isolation. To bring them into the mainstream of society, this forum is formulated. Through this forum, we make sure that they are inducted into the scheme of things where they can utilise their experienced hands for the greater good of the society. The active members of this forum do bring in expertise that can in the long run alter the ways in which society does work for the young generation in it. It is in fact a way of taking up roles that can improve the lot of the people of the society in general.

  • The chief aim of the association is to better the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well -being of seniors, ( Those above 55 years of age) suitably employ the various skills, practical knowledge and wisdom the members have attained in various fields of life.
  • Visit aged people , especially the sick and the aged in their residences to extend support with them, learn their problems and console them.
  • Enhance contacts, mutual understanding and friendship among the members.
  • Improve public awareness of the problems of seniors; conduct seminars, conferences, visits, exhibitions, medical camps and mutual visits.
  • Help Senior Citizens in getting grants and concessions from the Government and other Charitable sources.
  • Take on other activities that will be ensure the welfare of all senior citizens.

World Senior Citizen Day Celebration

World Senior Citizen Day celebration and inauguration of “Pakal Veedu – Senior Citizen’s Day Care Centre” initiative. Inaugurated by Prem Prakash (Cine Artist)

Art- Literary Platform

Art- literary platform focuses upon the up-gradation of the creative, artistic and aesthetic talents of the individuals. This platform clearly brings about the generation of literary acumen of persons. It is a stage where a multitude of qualities are nurtured to the core, through stage shows and creative activities.
Writers, poets, critics, publishers, and others in the literary field gather at least once a month to discuss and evaluate the contemporary issues in their respective fields.

Arangettam - അരങ്ങേറ്റം 2017

Arangettam – അരങ്ങേറ്റം 2017 which conducted on August 13 had a participation of more than 15 students with classical dances.

Women’s Forum

Mothers are involved in the works of molding, shaping and forming the members of our society. Through this forum, mothers undertake so many works of multiple pedigrees such as hair donation campaign, promotion of agricultural activities, the making of handicraft items, giving an impetus to small-scale industries or cottage industries, conducting health camp, imparting leadership skill, wig donation initiative, and flower manufacturing and beautician course. This forum, in the long run, is expected to bring in women to engage in activities of productive and constructive nature.

Annual Day Celebration 2018

Sargakshetra women’s forum Annual Day Celebration & Women’s Day Celebration. Inaugurated by Dr.Rathi B Unnithan.

Youth Forum

Youngsters are the foundation of the society in general. They should be groomed well in order to ensure the development of society. The SargaKshetra Youth forum is in the mainstream of moulding youngesters who can be creative , artistic and well versed in different aspects of lives at the same time.

Fine Arts Society

The budding artists must be backed at any cost in order to bring out the best in them. SargaKshetra equips these artists to showcase their talents before a large audience.

6th Program by Fine Arts Society

Under the Fine Arts Society of Sargakshetra Cultural Centre, the 6th program was conducted in the month of December 2017. The program was inaugurated by Sri. Adoor Gopalakrishnan.