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Sargakshetra Charitable Centre


SargaKshetra fights against cancer through awareness programmes in over 800 institutions all over Kerala. The initiative earned accolades and got inaugurated by Honourable Chief Minister Of Kerala, Sri Pinarayi Vijayan.

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Initiative that Sarga kshetra and Deepika voluntarily took for Cancer / Drug Abuse awareness among students is significant and highly appreciable.

V. P. GangadharanIndian oncologist

CAP @ Campus

The trust is aiming at a holistic support to the beneficiaries through its objectives or activities. The major activities of the trust to support such patients are

  1. Awareness creation on cancer and preventive methods.
  2. Hair collection camps & free Wig donations.
  3. Exhibitions, Seminars etc..
  4. Counselling and Psychotherapy.
  5. Free Medical Camps (Detection).
  6. Treatment support



How To Participate?

The trust is aiming at a holistic support to the beneficiaries through its objectives or activities. Register Now for the Cancer Awareness Programs Conducted by experts.